Visual Note Taking for Public Bodies

‘Do you have an upcoming integration meeting / need to create a 2 year plan for your local council’? Are you facilitating a large gathering?
It can be tough to give everyone’s voice heard & keep all participants engaged.
Book my services to add an extra engagement factor, clarify information & promote lively discussion on the day.
For hybrid events I can scribe in person & online.


DaVinci drawing workshop

Does your staff need a break ? My successful sketching workshop promotes team-building & gives staff the tools to relax into a creative session.

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“David’s exhibition Keeping the Doors Open is a thoughtful and beautifully crafted tribute to all the people in our Social Innovation Hub and in the Civic Centre who made the world a bit brighter during Lockdown. His combination of drawings and poetry skillfully captures the spirit and personality of each person involved with humour and keen insight. A truly inspiring collection!“
Annabelle Conway

Social Innovation Manager, Innovate Communities

083 892 6850